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Pedal steel and Texas-twang erect a pining testament to beaten, broken hearts that was once a staple of jukeboxes across every honky-tonk in this great land. Damn fine music to drown your sorrows by.
— Baron Lane, Twang Nation

It might be easy to forget that Austin’s ’70s rep was built on this kind of country, but Kathryn Legendre reminds listeners that this music never stops being relevant.

Exhibiting the same brashness as the matriarch of country music, Austin singer/songwriter Kathryn Legendre recalls Kitty Wells with a Texas drawl on her latest single, ‘Have You Forgotten Me?’

Legendre proves she’s also a natural singer, with a warm, husky drawl and pleasing hint of vibrato that fits her earnest take on classic country like a pair of broken-in boots.
— Richard Skanse, Lone Star Music Magazine

Kathryn Legendre is a great vocalist and songwriter who has a strong sense of identity, and that comes through in her music. She’s one of Austin’s finest...
— Vickye Fisher, For The Country Record