Photo by  Katrina Barber

Kathryn Legendre drives around Austin, with a GOD BLESS MERLE HAGGARD sticker on the bumper. You know, kind of like the "God Bless Johnny Cash" stickers, but her own take on it – custom. Her folks will tell you she's always gone against the mainstream. That encompasses Legendre's whole outlook on songwriting and, well, life. 

Legendre thrives when she feels there's something missing. Therefore, she announces the follow up to her 2013 debut album Old Soul, and Summer 2014 single, "Have You Forgotten Me?" with the release of a new EP, Don't Give A Damn (released February 2016).

Reflecting on this newest tome of music, Legendre said that she took some risks with the EP, whether it was in lyrical content or trying to please certain audiences. β€œIn the end, I went with honesty, and I don't give a damn if anyone likes it or not."