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"On record, she’s a rare find: a wonderfully adept lyricist with a smooth and peaceful drawl. And what better time to let the world hear it?” 

– Jeremy Burchard, Texas Music Magazine

“Like the garland embroidered shirt on the picture there is a vintage quality to Austin singer/songwriter Kathryn Legendre’s newest cut ‘Have You Forgotten Me?'Classic country blends with a contemporary spirit reminiscent of Emmylou Harris or, more recently, Laura Cantrell – with a little Furnace Room Lullaby-era Neko Case darkness thrown in. A welcome throwback sound currently being fueled by the likes of Sturgill Simpson. Pedal steel and Texas-twang erect a pining testament to beaten, broken hearts that was once a staple of jukeboxes across every honky-tonk in this great land. Damn fine music to drown your sorrows by. I look forward to more.” 

– Baron Lane, Twang Nation

"Meet Kathryn Legendre, A Rising Texas Country Artist You Should Know: If you want a slice of what this city’s young country music scene is like, Legendre is a good place to start. Her tastes are rooted in traditional country and folk music, yet are progressive in both form and substance.” 

– Matt Alpert, Wide Open Country

"Exhibiting the same brashness as the matriarch of country music, Austin singer/songwriter Kathryn Legendre recalls Kitty Wells with a Texas drawl on her latest single, ‘Have You Forgotten Me?’… Steadfastly beholden to traditional country music, Legendre eschews the trappings of current industry norms, creating an honest hill country waltz.” 


“Kathryn Legendre is truly an old soul. Citing influences such as Loretta Lynn, Guy Clark, Linda Ronstadt and Ernest Tubb, the Austin, Texas native just released her debut album, ‘Old Soul’, and it clearly shows her roots in 10 original songs. Her traditional sensibilities and classic vocal style really set her apart and make her one to watch in Americana circles, her sass and storytelling abilities key characteristics that make her particularly impressive.” 

Vickye Fisher, For The Country Record

“Kathryn Legendre’s a great singer-songwriter from Austin, Texas that makes country music at that simple and classic way in a modern style that we like so much on the Roots and Boots. Legendre has probably as much Guy Clark, Loretta Lynn and Dolly early in her record collection. It does not, however, her pale copy of their idols, but she absolutely can stand proudly with the guitar’s neck when she performs her own songs. "Old Soul” is Legendre’s debut album and is a straight through consistent and solid disc with both ballads perfect for a chilly autumn evening with a glass optional whiskey, and more action-packed articles that will get your boots to stomp intensively under your desk at work.“ 

– Wolfi Imhof, Roots & Boots

"…[Have You Forgotten Me?] is a beautiful slice of classic country, with Legendre’s aching voice packing an emotional wallop as she contemplates on lost love and the difficulties of forgetting. Legendre’s voice is a smoother mixture of Elizabeth Cook‘s nasally twang and Emmylou Harris’ soulful wail. When Legendre asks “Are you as tortured as I seem to be?/Or have you forgotten me?” it’s not an empty lyric but a fulfillment of the vulnerable longing expressed throughout the rest of the track, the siren call of the slide guitar and waltzy shuffle of the rhythm section put into simple but frank words. It might be easy to forget that Austin’s ’70s rep was built on this kind of country, but Kathryn Legendre reminds listeners that this music never stops being relevant.” 


"Just as sassy as Loretta Lynn, Kathryn is an amazing vocalist that is genuine and passionate about traditional country music. We came across Kathryn via Reverbnation. We heard right away a young talent that was unashamed to be traditional country. Her influences run deep: Loretta Lynn, Ernest Tubb, George Strait, even Bonnie Raitt, and Linda Ronstadt. Fortunately for us all, Kathryn wears her influences on her sleeve easily. And our musical palettes are better for it. While her roots run deep, she’s undoubtedly Kathryn Legendre; her own woman on her own journey.” 

– Mike, Thumbin’ Radio

"Though still on the shy side of 30, Austin newcomer Kathryn Legendre ain’t kidding when she sings about being an “Old Soul” on the title track of her full-length debut. The song opens with her reminiscing fondly about “an AM country station that my grandpa dearly loved,” and each of the 10 tracks on Old Soul — nine of them penned by Legendre — would have fit right in alongside any of the old man’s favorites. A talented graphic designer by day, Legendre proves she’s also a natural singer, with a warm, husky drawl and pleasing hint of vibrato that fits her earnest take on classic country like a pair of broken-in boots. She’s a gifted lyricist, too, on sure footing both playing it light hearted (the playful “Roy Rogers”) and heartfelt (as on the beautiful elegy “Hard Road to Go (Down to San Antone).”) With the standout “Guy,” a reverent tribute to gold-standard songwriter Guy Clark, she deftly captures the essence of the master’s gift for detail-rich imagery painted with Hemingway economy and precision.” 

– Richard Skanse, Lone Star Music Magazine

‘Don’t Give A Damn’ is as much of a brief update, a snippet of where Kathryn is right now, as it is a mission statement for how she lives her life and approaches her music. The title was inspired in part by the inclusion of ‘Burn One Down’, a fun honky-tonkin’ number about the pros of recreational marijuana use. This is about as silly and unsubstantial as Kathryn gets, which is telling given that she still makes a valid social point as she celebrates cutting back and letting loose. “I understand your point of view, I won’t judge your beliefs, but you can always sit right here and burn one down with me,” she sings on the track, reminding others to be kinder to those who share differing values.

With songwriting that’s always smart and often heartfelt, she found inspiration in Lucinda Williams’ ‘Happy Woman Blues’ when it came to penning the EP’s opener ‘Build My Home’. Reflecting many of her own life experiences, the song explores growing up, leaving your hometown and exploring the world, and how your decision to make your life elsewhere takes nothing away from your hometown pride. It’s a simple and common theme, but Kathryn spins it really well, peppering the track with Kacey Musgraves-worthy turns of phrase such as the eloquent, “I’d rather build my home than be made by one.” Kathryn’s independence and determination to find herself rather than be influenced by others is something she shares with Ms. Musgraves, and it’s an attitude more artists should adopt at a time when trends are chased over and over.

Kathryn’s day job is in graphic design, so she understands the struggle and pull of having two jobs, or two passions, in life. ‘Time Is A Selfish Man’ is a moody, rocky ode to that elusive concept we all live by, attempting to balance work, family and hobbies. It’s about as modern and edgy-sounding as she gets on this record, but the twang of the fiddle and the ringing of the slide keeps it grounded in the roots she’s so at home within.

‘Tug River Valley’, meanwhile, is the only song here not technically inspired by Kathryn’s own experiences. It’s a tribute to the home of photographer Roger May, who reportedly cried when he heard the tune. It’s a lovely little number, incorporating fiddle, acoustic guitar, dobro and tasteful country-tinged electric guitar into a sea of warm, familiar twang – something akin to mama’s home-made brownies, the joy around a campfire, or sunlight on the porch.

Kathryn Legendre is a great vocalist and songwriter who has a strong sense of identity, and that comes through in her music. She’s one of Austin’s finest, and if you were previously unfamiliar with her, this EP is guaranteed to whet your appetite for more.” 

– Vickye Fisher, For The Country Record